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Sheikh Afzal

Present Position

Associate Professo
Drawing & Painting
Faculty of Fine Arts, Dhaka University

Born in 1960 at Jhenaida, Bangladesh


1984: MFA, Institute of Fine Arts, Dhaka University
1993: MFA, University of Tsukuba, Japan


1981-1982 : Best Class Work, Institute of Fine Arts, Dhaka University
1986 : Best Painting, Institute of Fine Arts, Dhaka University
1982-1983 : Delwar Smriti Award, Institute of Fine Arts, Dhaka University
1992 : NHK Shu Sai Sha Sho, Japan.
1983 : Best Award, Shilpangan Art Gallery, Dhaka.
1994 : Best Painting, Young Artists Exhibition, Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka
1996 : Honorable Mention 11th National Art Exhibition Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka
1994 : Shorei Sho, Nikikai, Central Museum, Tokyo, Japan.
1996 : Bhorer Kagoje Award, 12th National Art exhibition, Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka
1989-1993 : Japan Government Scholarship (Monbusho)
1999 : AIEJ (Association of International Education, Japan) Fellowship.
2000 : Uni Group Award 18th National Art Exhibition Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka

Solo Exhibition

1989-1994 : Zainul Gallery, Institute of Fine Arts, Dhaka University
1991-2000 : Tsukuba Art Gallery, Japan
1992 : Milan, Italy
1992 : Mitsui Building, Tsukuba, Japan
1992 : Gallery Yumekobo, Sakai-Machi, Japan
1992 : Nagasakiya Dept., Tsuchiura, Japan
1993 : Ibarakiken, Tsukuba Art Museum, Japan
1996 : Harmante Plaza Gallery, Mito, Japan
1998 : Divine Art Gallery, Dhaka
1998 : UNICEF, Dhaka
2001 : Bahrain Art Society, Bahrain

Group Exhibition

1977-1984 : Annual Exhibition, Institute of Fine Arts, Dhaka University
1983-2000 : National Art Exhibition, Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka
1983-1994 : Young Art Exhibition, Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka
1983-1997 : Asian Art Biennial, Dhaka
1992-2000 : Niki Art Exhibition, Tokyo
1990 : 4 Artists Exhibition, Tsukuba Art Museum, Japan
1991 : Excellent Works of Foreign Students Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan.
1991 : Contemporary Asian Art Road Series-No 3, Tokyo, Japan.
1991 : 2 Artists Exhibition, University Bekkan Gallery, Tsukuba, Japan
1992 : 3 Artists Exhibition, Arai Gallery, Ginza
1993 : Contemporary Asian Art Exhibition, Kobe, Japan.
1994 : Shilpangan Gallery of Contemporary Art, Dhaka.
1995 : Bangladesh Festival of Arts, India
1996 : Sharjah 2nd Art Biennial
1996-2000 : Art Exhibition on Struggle of Independence and Bangabandhu, Dhaka
2000 : Biennal Art Exhibition of Bangladesh Charushilpi Shanshad, Dhaka.
2000 : 52 Artists Couples Art Exhibition, Dhaka.
2000 : Chitrak Art Gallery, Dhaka.
2000 : Country-wide Mobile Art Exhibition, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy
2000 : Triennial Art Exhibition, Delhi, India


1999 : Calcutta Book Fair, India.
1999 : Contemporary Works of Bengali Artists, Bengal Foundation, Dhaka
1999 : Nazrul Birth Centenary, Nazrul Institute, Dhaka.


The National Gallery, National Museum, Institute of Fine Arts, Dhaka University, Bangla Academy, Atomic Energy Commission Dhaka, President's House, National Parliament, Prime Minister's House, Bangabandhu Museum, Osmany Museum Sylhet and many private collections at home and abroad.

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Solo Exhibition

Sumana Akter
Nasima Khan

Group Exhibition

Amity of Our's
Kibria Printmaking
Fair, 2012


Sayeed Siddiqui Rumi
Babu Ahmed

Seminar and other

Book Drive


Solo Exhibition

Farhana Islam
Sanjib Datta
Ali Akbar
Dravid Saikot
Mustapha Khalid Palash
Minufar Nasrin

Naimul Bari
Mohammad Eunus
Mohammad Salim
Anwar Hossain

Group Exhibition

Crossover, 2011
Express Yourself
The Country of Rising Sadness
Group Painting Exhibition
Master and Apprentices
Paintings by Childrens
Jago Antore Momo


Rickshaw Painters


Anwar Hossain
Plays in Light
Globalization: A Bipolar Story
Nafis Ahmed Nadvi

Seminar and other

Liberation War
Documentary Festival

Bonsai Exhibition
K G Subramanyum


Solo Exhibition

Jamal Ahmed
Monica Jahan Bose
Ferdousi Priyabhashini
Wakilur Rahman
Showpon Choudhury

Group Exhibition

Tree & Roots
Drawing Exhibition


101 Art Camp
15 August 2010
Balu Chaya


Seiji Shimoda



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