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Rafiqun Nabi

Present Position

Drawing & Painting
Institute of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka

Born in 1937 at Chapai Nawabganj, Bangladesh


1964 : Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bangladesh College of Arts and Crafts (presently Institute of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka)
1973-76 : Studied Print Making in Athens School of Fine Arts under Greek Govt's Post Graduate Scholarship, Greece.

1980 : Promoters Prize, Inter Graphic-80, Berlin, Germany
1989 : Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Award, Dhaka
1993 : 'Ekushey Padak' (highest civilian award for contribution in Fine Arts), Dhaka
1995 : Agrani Bank Award (for Children book design), Dhaka
1995 : Agrani Bank Award for best Juvenile Novel 'Chardike Juddha', Dhaka
2000 : Tri-Taranga Gold Medal, Chittagong, Bangladesh
2002 : 'S M Sultan Padak', S M Sultan Foundation, Narail, Bangladesh
1968-90 : National Book Centre prizes for Children Book Covers for 13 times, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Solo Exhibitions

1976 : Campion School, Athens, Greece
1981 : Bangladesh College of Arts and Crafts Gallery, Dhaka
1983 : Solo Cartoon Exhibition, Biswa Shahittya Kendra, Dhaka
1985 : Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh
1987 : Non-Aligned Countries Gallery, Titograd, former Yugoslavia presently Serbia
1998 : Shilpangan Art Gallery, Dhaka
2004 : '25 Years of Tokaii', Gallery Chitrak, Dhaka
2006 : 'Down Memory Lane', Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts, Dhaka.

Major Group Exhibitions

1964 : 16 Painter's Show, Dhaka, Bangladesh
1966 : Fifth Tehran (regional) Biennial, Tehran, Iran
1966 : Open Air Exhibition, Arts Ensemble Gallery, Dhaka
1967 : Exhibition of Painting, Graphic and Ceramic, Dacca Lions Club, Dhaka
1968 : Two Man Show ( Hashem Khan and Rafiqun Nabi), Dhaka
1971 : Cartoon Exhibition, Dhaka
1972 : Exhibition of Sketch Group, Dhaka, Bangladesh
1973 : Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Bangladesh, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai, India
1974 : Mobile Group Exhibition, Athens, Greece
1977-05 : 3rd to 16th National Art Exhibition, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka
1977 : Prints Exhibition of Bangladesh in Yugoslavia (Serbia), Germany, Poland and Rumania
1978 : 1st International Saloon of Cartoons, Canada
1979 : 1st Asian Graphic Design Biennial, Tehran, Iran
1979 : Water Colour Exhibition in Dhaka
1980 : Inter Graphic-80, Berlin, East Germany
1980 : Contemporary Asian Art Show, Fukuoka, Japan
1980 : Drawing and Print Show in Dhaka
1981-06 : 1st to 12th Asian Art Biennial Bangladesh, Dhaka
1981 : 6h Festival of Asian Art, Hong Kong
1982 : Fifth Triennial - India, New Delhi, India
1983 : 9 Artists Graphic Prints, Dhaka
1984 : 8th British International Print Biennial, Bradford, UK
1984 : Print Biennial, Oslo, Norway
1984 : Inter Graphic-84, Berlin, Germany
1984 : Prints of Bangladesh, Warsaw, Poland
1986 : Drawing Exhibition, Rejeka, Yugoslavia (Serbia)
1987 : Graphic Print Biennial, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (Serbia)
1988 : Prints of Asia and Africa, Vienna
1988 : Contemporary Art of Bangladesh, Tokyo, Japan
1988 : Inter Graphic-88, Berlin, Germany
1988 : Exhibition of Original Drawings, Rijeka, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (Serbia)
1989 : Contemporary Art of Bangladesh Exhibition, Beijing, China
1986 : Contemporary Art of Islamic World, London, UK
1990 : Inter Graphic-90, Berlin, Germany
1992 : Contemporary Painters of Bangladesh, Paris, France
1993 : Contemporary Graphic Art of Bangladesh, Kolkata, India
1994 : Osaka Triennial, Osaka, Japan
1994 : Contemporary Art of Bangladesh, Delhi and Kolkata, India
1995 : Contemporary Art of Bangladesh, Moscow, Russia
1997 : Victory-Day Exhibition organized by Bangladesh Deputy High Commission, Kolkata, India
1997 : Special Exhibition organized by Fulki, Gallery 21, Dhaka
1999 : Bonner Summer Festival Contemporary Art Exhibition of Bangladesh, Bonn, Germany
1999 : Tribute to Tagore organized by Gallery 21, Dhaka
1999 : 5-Artists of Bangladesh and Japan, Tsukuba, Japan
2000 : Group Exhibition organized by Saju Art Gallery, Dhaka
2000 : Group Exhibition on the occasion of '50 Years of Institute of Fine Arts', Dhaka
2000 : 'Srijan Shamahar' organized by Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts, Dhaka
2000 : Group Exhibition organized by Gallery Chitrak, Dhaka
2000 : 'First Biennial of Bangladesh Charu Shilpi Sangsad', Bangladesh National Museum, Dhaka
2001 : Contemporary Art of Bangladesh, High Commission of India in Dhaka, Bangladesh
2001 : Line and Rhythm organized by Gallery Chitrak, Dhaka
2003 : Bangladesh-India Cartoon Exhibition, Bangalore, India
2004 : Group Exhibition of Bangladesh Painters, Mumbai, India
2005 : '100 Years of Dhaka', Shilpangan Art Gallery, Dhaka
2005 : Group Exhibition of Bangladesh Painters, Agartala, India
2005 : Bridge of Friendship' Bangladesh-Japan Joint Art Exhibition, Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts, Dhaka


3 Novels, 5 Volumes of 'Tokaii', 1 Juvenile Novel and 1 Collected Essays.


National Art Gallery, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh; Bangladesh National Museum, Dhaka, Bangladesh; Banga Bhaban (President House), Dhaka, Bangladesh; Gono Bhaban, Dhaka, Bangladesh; National Assembly, Dhaka, Bangladesh; Prime Minister's Secretariat, Dhaka, Bangladesh; Non-Aligned Countries Gallery, Titograd, former Yugoslavia (Serbia); Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Jordan; Kusan International Art Gallery, Republic of Korea; Shahid Smriti Museum, Rajshahi, Bangladesh; Asiatic Society of Bangladesh; and many private collections in home and abroad.

International Seminars, Festivals, Workshops and Art Camps

1987 : Attended seminar on Child Survival and Development organized by UNICEF, Dhaka, Bangladesh
1994 : Attended Bangladesh Cultural Festival, Kolkata, India
1996 : The Mexican International Tribunal against child labour, Mexico
1997 : Attended Cultural Festival of Eight Countries and seminar on Folk Art, Istanbul, Turkey
1999 : 'Art Camp of Contemporary Bengali Artists' from West Bengal And Bangladesh, organized by Bengal Foundation, Dhaka
2003 : Cartoon Workshop in Bangalore organized by Maxueller Bhawan, Bangalore, India
2004 : Workshop at Mumbai, India
2005 : Workshop at Agartala, India
2005 : Italy Art Camp 2005 organized by Bengal Foundation, Florence, Italy
2006 : Artist Camp on the Bengal Baishakhi Utsav 1413 (Bengali New Year Festival ) organized by Bengal Foundation, Dhaka
2006 : Artist Camp for fund raising for Muktijudha Jadughar on the occasion of Independence Day, organized by Channel-I and Muktijudha Jadughar, Dhaka
2006 : Artist Camp organized by Impress Telefilm Ltd (Channel-I and Gallery Chitrak), Dhaka
2006 : 'Dhaka Art Camp 2006' organized by Bengal Foundation, Dhaka.

Positions Held

1994-97 : Director, Institute of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
1986-90 : President, Bangladesh Charu Shilpi Sangsad (Bangladesh Artists Association)
1997-2000 : President, Bangladesh Charu Shilpi Sangsad (Bangladesh Artists Association)

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