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Kazi Ghiyasuddin

Born in 1951 at Madaripur, Bangladesh


1970 : BFA, College of Arts and Crafts (presently Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka), Bangladesh
1972 : MFA, Chittagong University, Bangladesh
1979 : Master of Fine Arts in Education, Tokyo National University of Liberal Arts, Japan
1985 : Ph. D. in Fine Arts, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Japan

Solo Exhibition

1970 : East Pakistan Arts Council, Dhaka
1977 : Mochizuki Gallery, Tokyo
1979 : Mitake Gallery, Tokyo
1980 : American Club, Tokyo
1981 : Mitake Gallery, Tokyo
1982-86 : 4 Exhibitions, Marunouchi Gallery, Tokyo
1985 : Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, (Shiryo Kan) Japan
1986-04 : 5 Exhibitions, Miyuki Gallery, Tokyo
1986 : Oishi Gallery, Fukuoka
1987 : Shinseido Hatanaka Gallery, Tokyo
1987-94 : 2 Exhibitions, Gallery Amboll, Hokkaido, Japan
1988-01: 3 Exhibitions, Seibu Takanawa Art Gallery, Tokyo
1988-97 : 5 Exhibitions, Kyobi Gallery, Tokyo
1990-94 : 2 Exhibitions, Gallery Saira, Okinawa
1991 : Dove and Love Gallery, Tokyo
1991-97 : 3 Exhibitions, Hanshin Gallery, Osaka.
1993 : Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka
1993-00: 4 Exhibitions, Nabi Gallery, Kanazawa
1994 : La Gallerie, Dhaka
1995-02 : 3 Exhibitions, Gallery Art salon II, Chiba, Tokyo
1996 : Takashimaya, Tokyo; Gallery Kokto, Kyoto
1997 : Art Gallery Ohashi, Tokyo
1998 : Seibu Art Gallery, Shibuya, Tokyo
1999 : A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery, New York
2000-03 : 2 Exhibitions, Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts, Dhaka
2006 : Gallery Chitrak, Dhaka
2007 : Nagai Gallery, Tokyo
2008 : Mituki Gallery, Tokyo; Gallery 89, Paris
2009 : Gallery Aakriti, Kolkata, India
2009 : Gallery and Café Fukushima
2009 : Galley Yasuri, Saga
2010 : Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts, Dhaka

Important Group Shows

1971 : Birla Art Gallery, Calcutta
1973 : Contemporary Art of Bangladesh Show, India
1995 : Third Triennal, India; National Art Exhibition, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy
1978 : Niki Art Exhibition, Tokyo
1979 : Niki Art Exhibition, Tokyo
1982 : Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, (Shiryo Kan)
1983 : Mynichi Contemporary Art Exhibition
1984 : Contemporary Asian Art Show, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo
1985 : Second Asian Art Show, Fukuoka
1987 : Yasui Show, Seibu Art Museum, Tokyo
1992 : Asian Contemporary Art Show; Saitama Contemporary Art Museum, Tokyo
1993 : Asian Art Biennal, Dhaka
1997-03 : NICAF International Contemporary Art Festivals, Japan
2002 : Japan Bangladesh Cultural Bridge in Pictorial Art, Bangladesh National Museum, Dhaka
2002 : Japan Contemporary Water Colour Exhibition, Shoto Museum of Art, Tokyo
2005 : KIAF Korea International Art Festival, Korea.

Public Collections

Bangladesh National Gallery, Dhaka; Bangladesh National Museum, Dhaka; Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Japan; Fukuoka City Art Museum, Japan; Gyuhama Building, Tokyo; Hanshin.

Department Store, Osaka; Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan; Bengal Foundation, Dhaka.

Painter Kazi Ghiyasuddin has an intense connection with nature. At the age of 15 he became a student of the Art College. In his adolescence he felt that he had heard the music of nature, which till today inspires him to paint in quest of peace and experiment with natural sounds which are then transformed into art. In his view, nature transmits messages through its 'music' at different points of time: dawn, day, night and so on.

Kazi Ghiyasuddin's solo exhibition, titled “A Pilgrimage For Peace”, is now on at Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts in Dhanmondi. Renowned artist Mohammad Kibria inaugurated the show on January 29. Among others, Harumitsu Hida, Charge d'Affairs, Embassy of Japan and Matiur Rahman, editor Prothom Alo were present as special guests at the inaugural.

The Tokyo-based Ghiyasuddin is influenced by Japanese heritage, culture, art and philosophy. About 20 years ago, he adopted a new style. At that stage he erased his earlier canvases by painting over with white, light grey and light blue.

This exhibition contains his paintings of this period. This fondness for white and whitish shades, in quest of peace or serenity, is a Japanese trait.

This exhibition features 47 of his recent pieces. Sometimes it takes the hardworking Ghiyasuddin four to five years to complete a piece of art. During this span of time he often pauses to enhance his maturity of expression.

The oil paintings of the series, “A Pilgrimage For Peace”, reflect peace and harmony. The painter says he is concerned as peace wanes in the urbanised part of the world. As a nature lover he believes that nature is the ultimate destination for peace. He tries to articulate the music of the moonlit light. The artist is adept in both oils and watercolours.

“Myth 3”, “Myth 4” and “Sound 2” are excellent works on display at the exhibition. In these paintings Ghiyasuddin has used light blue shades. On the surface he has drawn lines, dots, squares and small figures to create texture. Ghiyasuddin's genre of work is abstract but he finely sketches figures or objects on the canvas. Sometimes he has taken a realistic theme but expressed it through abstract, for instance “Beside the Park” and “Beside My House”.

His other noteworthy works are “Sound of Rain”, “Story” and “Nature”. Some of his works are on handmade papers, and that creates a further dimension.

The artist stays six months of the year in Bangladesh. He has a studio in Savar, where he can devote himself wholly to his art.

Ghiyasuddin's exhibition at Bengal Gallery will run till February 11.

Article about Kazi Ghiyasuddin's work in quarterly art critic magazine DEPART

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